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Yuanita Christiani also known as Nita, has been wanting to be a radio broadcaster (DJ) since she was a little girl. The young Nita was a very shy girl; however, she has always been garrulous in front of the mirror. Aside from that, she possesses an impeccable musical talent. In fact, her performance as an electone player had granted her numerous recognitions. One of her most remarkable achievements was winning a nation-wide music competition. Luck seems to be her middle name. The 24 year-old actress marked her career as an advertisement model in 2004. She has become the ambassador for more than 20 products.

Nita prioritizes her career in the entertainment business while she also spares some of her time to receive formal education. She majored inĀ  Public Relations and graduated from London School of Jakarta with an exceptional grade. Nita attempted to establish an acting career; through her attempt, she landed a role in two movies. Soon, she realized that presenting or hosting is what she does best. She is the presenter of numerous programs in the national television. Nita reached her best achievement yet in the middle of 2008 when she became the host of three popular television shows, Take Me out (TMO), Take Him Out (THO), and Take a Celebrity Out Indonesia. It is undeniable that these programs represent the peak of her career as a presenter. Today, Yuanita Christiani is recognized as one of the top Indonesian celebrities. Not only so, but she is also known as one of the most stunning hosts in South-East Asia.

“Life is the best school. God is the Best Teacher. Problem is the best assignment, Failure is the best revision and Success is the best Achievement”